Interviews & Talking Heads

We've filmed thousands of interviews.

Heads of State, Nobel Prize winners, murderers, A-listers, designers, lawyers, conservators, Captains of Industry, musicians, archaeologists, environmentalists, artists, sports stars, architects, philanthropists, entrepreneurs…

Off Camera Interviews.

Two camera interviews. We ask the questions, you act natural.

Straight to Camera

Feeling confident? We'll put you at ease and get the best out of you. And we can supply an autocue.

Interview filming information & tips

TickCreate a list of 4-6 questions per interviewee with 3 bullet points per answer

TickDon't try to memorize any answers. Be natural

TickMost interviews are scheduled for an hour

TickIn a 10 hour day there are up to 7 hour slots

TickAllow 90 minutes for us to set up and 1 hour to derig

TickTypically we use three-point lighting, with two cameras

TickIt’s best to avoid interviews in public spaces

TickChangeable light in the interview space is not ideal.

TickWe need a fair bit of room but avoid echoey spaces

TickOur directors manage interviews to ensure answers can be cut together in the edit


Not happy with the way your office looks? We have a simple, portable background system which we can put up in an office space with any colour background.

We're trusted by international brands and institutions.

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