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The About Us video - the great set-piece with the bigger budget and the highest of hopes. Elevated from the case study, event and training video, the About Us is the visual calling card that lays out your stall, that broadcasts to your clients, potential customers and future employees what makes you tick. It’s time to turn off the modesty switch and talk about yourself. And yet no other video raises so many doubts. An animation, interviews, drama? Short vs long? Straight or funny?

Enter NextShoot, a corporate video agency with a decade of experience and a tonne of About Us video benchmarks from clients including Bloomberg, Stanhope and Bird & Bird. We’ll absorb your brief, come up with smart ideas and together we’ll narrow them to the one that works best for you. And then we’ll script it, shoot it and edit it.

The result? A video that will make you proud to work for yourselves.
Bird & Bird

In this About Us video for international law firm Bird & Bird we set out to capture the expertise and collaborative spirit of a leader in legal affairs specialising in technology. The challenge was use to our corporate video production expertise to make a video that felt like an advert.

Shot on location in London, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and Hong Kong the video blends themes of travel, mobility and technology, cutting between offices on different continents, presenting partners and employees and the sectors in which Bird & Bird specialise.

A London-based video agency, we used our network of contacts in China and Hong-Kong to source local crew, overseen by our own producer and Director of Photography.

Throughout the shoot our goal was to keep the camera constantly on the move, either on the dolly & track or on a gyro-stabilised gimbal.

In post-production at our London studio we introduced stock footage into the timeline with graphics and text overlays in the brand style.

The result was a video that was very well received by the client - an About Us video that delivered on their expertise, global reach and company values in an energetic and filmic way.

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Bird & Bird Bird & Bird
The National Gallery Company The National Gallery Company
The National Gallery Company

The National Gallery Company (the NGC) is a commercial organisation which contributes to the National Gallery financially through a variety of activities. The NGC runs the Gallery’s on-line store as well as the physical shops within the Gallery itself, selling a broad range of products - from art prints and stationery to clothing and games. The NGC runs the café and restaurant in the Gallery, publishes books about its collections, manages the hire of Gallery spaces, and also licenses reproductions of its paintings.

NextShoot was invited to make an About Us video that positioned the National Gallery Company's offering and also featured three case studies with businesses and organisations that have licensed imagery from the National Gallery collection for a variety of end uses - from Boots Christmas gifts to cafés in Asia. This video has been updated over time to keep the case studies up to date, while maintaining the original video structure: an introduction from the Deputy Director, Susan Foister; an explanation of the NGC business model and introductions to the case studies by the Buying and Brand Licensing Director, Judith Mather; and interviews with representatives from the featured case study companies.

Throughout the video we have included packshots of the various NGC products on offer and also specific footage relating to each case study, including the products and spaces for which imagery was licensed.

NextShoot is a corporate video agency with a great deal of experience in creating content for both the Arts sector and Business sectors. This video intersects with both categories, and the final output is both visual and informative in its positioning of the company that supports the Nation’s art through a broad range of activities.

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