Technology products and services are really well served by video content, which can effectively explain and demonstrate complex ideas and functions in a clear, succinct and instructional way.

At NexShoot we produce technology videos in a range of formats including case studies, explainer and training videos. We have years of experience in working with established computing behemoths like IBM, Intel and Lenovo, global brands like Google, Salesforce and Appian and the innovative start-ups who are driving the future of the IT & Tech sector.

Whatever the technological area in which your business operates - from medical, engineering and fintech to biotech, cyber security and computer software - we can help you to tell your story with a powerful narrative that will engage viewers and generate action.

NextShoot was commissioned by Clayton to create a customer case study video of one of their major clients, Deliveroo.

For Deliveroo, the onboarding of up to 1000 restaurants across the globe each month is central to the success of its business model. The company uses Salesforce to support this process and a product created by Clayton that builds on Salesforce by deploying AI to track down vulnerabilities and errors in the code.

We interviewed two senior members of the Deliveroo Information Systems team. We also captured broll of these contributors in different spaces around the office that featured the instantly recognisable Deliveroo logo. The end result was a highly effective customer testimonial video with a clear narrative and filmic visual material. Certainly we feel that it’s the quality of case studies like this that position NextShoot as one of the best video production companies in London.

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Clayton/Deliveroo Clayton/Deliveroo

ORDRE is a leader in fashion technology in the luxury wholesale market. The company has used technology to innovate both the online and physical showroom. ORDRE digitises the collections of the world’s best designers and showcases them to a network of retailers using 360° technology.

ORDRE needed an explainer video for the launch of its 360° online showroom that could quickly demonstrate its functionality and efficacy. We similarly created an explainer video that explained the technology on offer in their physical showrooms, including VR headsets, life-size touchscreens with 360° technology and iPads with digital linesheets and an ordering app.

Explainer videos offer Tech companies a way to engage customers with their product or service by seeing it in action and gaining an understanding of how it works.

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Launched in 2002, Liveperson is now at the vanguard of AI and an industry leader in live chat. Businesses in over 150 countries use Liveperson’s LiveChat offering, an online customer service software, to manage their customer service and online sales activities. Their AI-powered Conversational Cloud has enabled more than one billion brand-to-consumer conversations.

Liveperson commissioned NextShoot to produce a series of Promotional / Thought Leadership videos for online distribution. We worked with their marketing department to shape a variety of scripts that were delivered by staff members. The content was delivered straight-to-camera using an autocue and filmed in our London studio. We edited the content with on-brand graphics to create a series of informative and punchy thought leadership pieces that were drip-fed online to engage both current and potential Liveperson customers.

Liveperson Liveperson
Kalido Kalido

Kalido is an AI-powered, real-time opportunity platform for individuals, enterprises and communities that supercharges worker business productivity & well-being.

With many tech businesses, which often deal with intangibles, it’s a challenge to illustrate the product itself in a video - especially while the core offering is still in development. With our About Us video for Kalido we let the company founders themselves speak for the product. Their interviews were filmed in our studio in Central London against a background. The content was scripted, but on the day the three founders riffed on the planned responses to create naturalistic and authentic replies.

We also used the studio to shoot simple sequences with two actors using mobile, tablet and desktop devices featuring parts of the Kalido platform - to give a visual reference to the product and a sense of reassurance to investors and early adopters.

In the edit, we assembled the interviews with stock images which we manipulated in After Effects to create a 3d effect, and over which we floated text that supported the key statements from the interviewees. The result is a striking video with a premium look & feel that brings clarity to a complex tech proposition.

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Appian is a recognised global leader in multiple enterprise technology markets. From intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS), dynamic case management (DCM), digital process automation (DPA), and low-code development, Appian helps their clients to develop scalable low cost solutions which drive efficiency and improve customer experience.

NextShoot has worked with Appian over the last five years in Europe and the Middle East, showcasing their product and capturing positive client feedback in multiple case study and client testimonial videos.

Our typical approach is to conduct three interviews, one with a senior figure on the business side of the organisation who can outline what it is they do, who they do it for and the challenges they face now and will face in the future. The CTO or senior decision maker will explore the purchase motivation, decision and deployment of the Appian solution. Finally, we normally speak to the end users to see how their, and their customers’, experience has been transformed.

In addition we will always seek to film as much high quality b-roll as possible to bring the story to life and show the Appian product in use, typically with over the shoulder shots, meetings and sometimes in the field.

Finally, in post-production, a range of graphical elements in line with Appian’s brand guidelines are deployed to drive home key messages and return on investment.

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Appian Appian
Financial Force/ Methods Financial Force/ Methods
Financial Force/ Methods

FinancialForce offers customer-centric business applications on the leading cloud platform from Salesforce. They are a cloud-based applications company headquartered in San Francisco, California, that provide ERP solutions helping their customers streamline their accounting processes and optimise back-office efficiency. They approached NextShoot to commission us to film a customer case study of their London based client, Methods to illustrate how the solution was transforming their business.

Methods are one the UK’s leading IT recruitment specialists, working almost exclusively within the public services and with a mission to overhaul and optimise the way the UK government is using technology to meet its citizens' needs.

The filming took place over two days, giving us adequate time to capture footage of the surrounding City of London, film great b-roll of meetings taking place and the office space.

In total we interviewed nine staff from Methods at various levels of seniority within the business. Each interviewee was filmed with two fixed Sony FS7 cameras and one camera hand-held to get interesting side shots and 'behind-the-scenes' of interviewer, subject and the lighting setup.

We were also able to film each of the interviewees at their desks, in meetings and collaborating with colleagues to really bring their stories to life.

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Wirecard was a German payment processor, which went from fintech darling to insolvency in a fortnight over the Summer of 2020. Prior to this, while they appeared to be riding high, and before their former CEO, COO, two board members, and other executives had been arrested or otherwise implicated in criminal proceedings relating to a 'missing' $1.9 billion, NextShoot was approached via an agency in Germany to produce an explainer video about their payment solution for travellers. This solution was housed in an NFC mobile wallet, integrated with a wearable wrist device, and positioned for use by international travellers.

NextShoot devised and cleared permissions for a number of specially shot drama sequences with an actor at St. Pancras International, at King Cross Underground station, on a tube train in transit, and in an attractive cafe. These sequences featured motion-tracked graphic overlays that illustrated the functionality of the wearable technology and specific prompts related to travel and payments.

In post-production the live action sequences were intercut with 2D animation that explained key USPs of the Wirecard payment solution, including how it suggests the best card to use, includes an intelligent top-up feature and integrates with loyalty campaigns.

NextShoot’s corporate video production company in London worked with the client’s German ad agency to script a voiceover in English that was recorded remotely. This was laid over the live-action and graphics components with music to create an experience-led video that clearly illustrated the functionality and benefits of this fintech product.

Wirecard Wirecard

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