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At NextShoot a core part of our video production service is creating stand-out product videos for online retailers to feature on e-commerce listings such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay and Etsy.

In fact, we are the product video production specialists and we’re here to help you capture the essence of your product, whether it’s the latest electronic device or a handmade pottery vase.

We understand how to create effective product demo videos for Amazon and other e-commerce platforms which are compatible with the formats and lengths allowed on different Social Media platforms (YouTube and Instagram in particular).

And we appreciate the different priorities buyers have on different e-commerce platforms, and how your video needs to cater to each particular buyer’s needs.

In our initial consultation with you, we will discuss where you want your product videos to be seen and build a plan accordingly, to ensure we create content that works on each site and platform, and is produced in the most cost-effective way.

Why create a product video?

One of the major limitations of selling a product online is that your audience can’t touch, hold or experiment with the product.

A promotional product video is a fantastic way to showcase your product in a crowded marketplace, allowing your target audience to view each item properly and to get an understanding of its features, functions and benefits.

The statistics speak for themselves:
  • 60% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a video rather than reading text
  • 73 % of customers feel more comfortable buying product when they have seen a video
  • Shoppers viewing a product video are 144% more likely to add the product to their cart than a shopper who watches no video
Making product video increases sales, converting prospects into customers once they engage with the video.

It also has a significant impact on reducing product return rate.

What are the best ways to make a product video?

With all approaches to making a product promo the filming needs to give the customer detailed views of the item from a variety of different angles.

We suggest you think of three key approaches for product videos.

Product presentations

Simple product presentation in the studio filmed against a white background Products rotating where appropriate Logo, text call-outs, music, possible voiceover

Sophisticated product presentation filmed in the studio against a stylised background, use of glossy or textured base and interesting lighting. High production values with more time spent on filming Products rotating where appropriate Logo, text call-outs, music

Presenter with product

A presenter demonstrates the product either in the studio or on location, showing and explaining key features Logo, text call-outs, music

Experiential product promotion

This approach is more about the context in which a product is used and the emotions generated by the product. Creating product videos with actors and locations allows you to express your brand identity more richly with more nuance. Filming involves actors on location using the product and illustrating its practical and emotional benefits.

This could include:
  • Actors
  • A rented location (eg house with a garden)
  • Crew with lighting, sound and grip (eg track & dolly), gimbal and in some instances drone
  • Hair & make-up
  • Stylist
  • Props
  • Logo, text call-outs, music, possible voiceover

Other services

  • We can photograph your product during the video shoot or in the studio.
  • We can produce 360˚ videos of the product in the studio.
  • We can produce graphics based on CAD files of your product.
  • We can create case study videos with users of your product.
Whatever the approach, we can help to create a more experiential online retail interaction for your customers, drive your e-commerce sales and minimise your returns.

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