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NextShoot has worked regularly as a video agency partner for Hantang Culture. Hantang is a prominent media group based in China that distributes premium content through a multi-channel platform approach, including on more than four thousand screens in over fifty airports globally and via in-flight entertainment screens on airlines including Air France and China Eastern Airlines. Hantang commissions video content from production partners for a number of key strands in the luxury market, including Fashion Insiders - a video series of short profile films about leading fashion personalities.

While Nextshoot is a video production company in London with many UK-based clients in the Fashion & Arts sectors, we are working increasingly with clients in China, where there is an increased demand for information about European Art, Fashion and Culture.
The Brief
Having acted as a video production service company for a number of Fashion Insiders shoots, we were very familiar with the brief in creating a film about Judith Clark, Curator, exhibition-maker, Professor of Fashion and Museology at London College of Fashion

Each episode features beautiful, cinematic shots featuring the subject, matched to a voiceover which is scripted in advance and recorded on location.

The brief for the video production company is to create a cinematic profile with high production values and a very premium look & feel.
Fashion Insiders Judith Clark Fashion Insiders Judith Clark
Fashion Insiders Judith Clark Fashion Insiders Judith Clark
Our Approach
We know that the challenge with films where the storyline features an academic is that their work can appear less filmic than that of ‘makers,’ that’s to say someone making a hat, sketching a fashion portrait or cutting a dress template.

With this in mind we were keen to explore a number of different locations to film at with Judith, including the wonderful MDM Props a company she has collaborated with for many years. This gave us the opportunity to see Judith against interesting backdrops in the workshop and also interacting with colleagues. It was a squeeze to fit more than one location into the filming day, so we were very focused on capturing a selected number of shots before we made a unit move across town to the London College of Fashion. Like at MDM, the director and the DoP had recced the college carefully to find a number of locations where we could shoot interesting set-ups: the archive room, a study and the library. As the light faded we filmed with the second unit on the gimbal on Oxford Street while the main unit packed up to keep us on time and on budget.
The Results
The success of a film, like any creative output, can on one level be judged against the resources and time available. As a video production company we are always working within certain restraints - temporal and fiscal - but often these are useful as they focus efforts by excluding innumerable avenues of pursuit. A sweet spot for a video agency is a good budget - in this instance that allowed for excellent cameras and lenses, a focus puller and a gimbal operator - and the helpful constraints of a format that brings focus to the execution rather than the medium.

We love the Fashion Insiders format and the challenge of squeezing everything possible out of filming day to make these portrait films as cinematic as possible. It certainly helps when the subject is as thoughtful, interesting and willing to play along with the demands of a film crew as Judith was.
Fashion Insiders Judith Clark Fashion Insiders Judith Clark
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