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Aerial Filming

NextShoot were commissioned by Qatar Airways to film two inaugural flights into the UK at Gatwick and Cardiff Airports. Both would involve an ambitious level of creative video production, involving aerial filming and multiple camera positions on the ground.

In addition we provided corporate photography at both locations, capturing stunning images from the air and on the ground for use on social media and press.
The Brief
Qatar Airways were looking to produce videos of approximately 90 seconds in duration for use with press and on social media channels. The videos would promote the launch of their new services from their Doha hub to both airports. Each video would need to capture the approach of the aircraft with air to air filming, and then the landing, taxi and movement to the gate. In addition, we would be required to film inside the terminal as the VIP passengers disembarked and spoke to press and local dignitaries. It was essential that the video was edited as quickly as possible for release. With regards to the photography, we would need to have a selection of images selected, retouched and supplied within 30 minutes of the planes landing. The procurement process sought to identify a media production company with experience in delivering on these kind of complex projects. As well as the filming and photography itself, we would be required to manage all filming permits, completing a rigorous health and safety analysis and liaising with the press offices at both airports.
Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography
Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography
Our Approach
The first step was to approach both Gatwick and Cardiff airport to establish what would be possible in terms of aerial filming and filming runway side and within the terminals. Having got a sense of this, we were able to put in provisional flight plans and visit both airports to identify where our cameras would be positioned on the ground. We opted to use several unmanned cameras adjacent to both runways at a sufficient distance to guarantee getting the plane landing. In addition, we positioned manned cameras at the far end of the runways to offer an alternative shot and track the planes on their taxi and turn. We had an additional manned camera waiting by the stands, where the planes would eventually stop. The twin engined helicopter was equipped with a Canon C300 and gyro stabiliser to ensure a high quality steady shot, and manned with a pilot, camera operator and an experienced aerial photographer. In the terminal, we had our editors set up and ready to go and a runner to get the aerial footage from the helicopter’s landing site and back to edit. The entire crew at both locations were equipped with walkie talkies and headsets to ensure seamless communication.
The Results
The logistics of a project like this can be quite daunting. There are a lot of variables in terms of the plane’s arrival time, air traffic control requirements, wind direction and health and safety concerns that can limit your options and require swift decision making within a very short timeframe. We were able to meet every element of the brief, from capturing stunning aerial footage, getting alongside both planes as they descended towards the runway and capturing the precise moment they touched down from numerous angles. We were also there to film disembarkation and the ceremonies in the terminal shortly after. The photographs were on social media and out to the press within 30 minutes of the planes landing and the edited and graded videos were on social media within a matter of hours.
Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography
Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography
Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography
Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography
Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography
Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography
Qatar Airways Aerial Filming and Photography
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