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Do you need some videos to help you sell things? Well that's a really good idea, and probably means you read the same research we did. You know, the research that found consumers who visit sites with video are 85% more likely to buy something than those visiting a video-less site. (Internet Retailer, 2011)

It's hardly rocket surgery. Or brain science. Customers seeing your products in video have a much better idea of what they're buying, so they're less likely to change their mind at checkout, and less likely to return products. Just look at the success of online-only clothing retailers like ASOS, who rely on product videos to give online customers a more realistic shopping experience without them ever needing to set foot in a store.

We don't just make product videos though (unless that's all you want). We can implement full e-commerce functionality, for example an add-to-basket feature that allows shoppers to add products to their shopping basket while watching the video. Just let us know what you want from your e-commerce site, and we'll tell you how we can implement it.

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