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There was a time when the main focus of retailers was on optimizing their in-store experiences. Now, more than ever, retailers have shifted their attention to their online, digital marketplaces.

Video offers retailers excellent opportunities to engage with customers at a variety of online touch-points - on their website, within their apps, and across their Social Media channels.

Whie online shopping is increasingly popular, the main disadvantage for consumers is that they cannot interact with products as they might in a bricks & mortar setting. Negating this shortfall is a key role that video places in the digital marketplace.

With fashion retailers, for example, video helps their potential online customers to bridge the experience of trying on a item of clothing by allowing them to see details of the materials and how fabrics behave while the wearer is in motion. This brings reassurance and converts browsers into buyers.

But video for retailers can go further. While Product demonstrations and How To videos give retailers the chance to demonstrate the functionality and uses of their products, they can make themselves indispensable with broader advice beyond just the use of a single product. Which is why DIY retailers aren’t just offering information on wallpaper glue; they’re discussing interior design.

Of course, an ever-evolving choice of Social Media channels is providing new avenues for retail video, with each platform offering access to a particular audience demographic. Some channels have a proven value. Instagram Stories - a collection of pictures and video with the scope for overlays, effects and quizzes - is popular with retail brands for driving awareness. But retailers need to assess the merits of trading on each Social Media platform. With Tik Tok, which has around 800 million monthly active users, most retailers are still waiting for the platform to evolve before investing heavily in video content for it.

What retailers have learned is that it pays to evoke an emotional response with each specific audience with content that could be funny, educational or inspirational. Of course, creating something shareable is the holy grail.

While video may increase sales and drive general awareness, retailers that are capturing their video data and integrating it with their eCommerce platform are uncovering important insights, not only into the ROI of individual pieces of video content, but their consumers’ tastes and priorities and the overall customer journey.

Lenovo is best known for designing, manufacturing and selling PCs, tablets and smartphones. Working as a production service provider to agency King Content in Australia, NextShoot shot and edited a series of product demo videos featuring key Lenovo products.

The product demo series was presenter-led with Lenovo’s WW Principle IT Architect delivering pieces to camera (PTCs) about 4 key products: the X1 Yoga, Yoga 900 laptop, X1 Tablet and the Miix 700.

NextShoot sourced a central London studio that had a contemporary warehouse feel for the pieces-to-camera, and which also had a variety of backdrops against which to film the presenter working on the different devices - including a desk, sitting room and kitchen set-up. We also captured pack shot of the products in situ to offer up an extra element for the final edits.

The post production brought together the PTCs in different shot sizes, pack shots, product demo shots with supplied graphic overlays and music. The completed video series was an informal, informative and engaging campaign that clearly explained the USPs of some of Lenovo’ most popular and versatile products.

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Lenovo Lenovo
Aldi Aldi

NextShoot was invited to produce a series of Social Media videos for Aldi and the Daily Mail, working with food photographer and food stylist Howard Shooter in his north London studio.

Like many retailers, Aldi was looking to inform its audience with genuinely useful information to frame its offering, in this case its wines.

The script was based on top tips from the Aldi wine expert and the visuals were designed to fire up the taste buds by showcasing delicious foods that were suitable accompaniments for the wines in question.

The campaign ran during the retailer’s Summer Season promotion, and was shown ahead of sunny weekends when BBQs and a glass of wine were on the agenda.

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High Street retail giant Argos was going through the early stages of a digital transformation project when they contacted NextShoot for guidance on the best practices in creating retail video content for its nascent YouTube channel.

We were given three products and asked to script and storyboard how to' retail videos that showcased the items: How to create a connected home; How to stream music wirelessly; How to get the most from your Smart TV.

Working with a technology consultant we devised storylines that included a presenter and a mother-father-daughter family unit. Once the casting and location were signed off, we carefully planned a schedule that allowed us to capture all the material in a single day’s filming.

The meticulous planning for the filming paid off and, despite some struggles with the technology, we were able to get all three ‘how to’ videos in the can in a 10-hour shoot. These videos were edited with music, text overlays and Argos branding to create cost-effective and impactful videos that kick-started Argos on its video production journey.

Argos Argos

ORDRE is an online luxury fashion wholesaler working with a global network of 2,719 retail organisations, connecting them with 6,000 buyers across 93 countries worldwide. Images and video content on the ORDRE platform give buyers the confidence to place wholesale orders online when they are unable to physically see a collection for themselves.

NextShoot has supported ORDRE’s innovative approach to fashion buying with video production services in New York, London and Paris. Much of our filming has involved interviews with designers, footage of their catwalk shows and details of their collections.

We have produced a variety of other video assets for ORDRE, including an explainer video which details the overall ORDRE proposition to potential buyers. We have also arranged 360° filming in New York and Paris to capture a front row perspectives of fashion shows that are uploaded for buyers to view on the ORDRE platform.

This video content supports fashion retailers and the wholesale buying community with the strengths of the format, providing an engaging way for designers to explain the inspirations, designs and materials behind their collections, and showing how the materials sit on and react to people on the move.

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Yohji Yamamoto

NextShoot was commissioned via an agency to create a 30 second advert for the Yohji Yamamoto Her Love Story perfume, to coincide with the product’s exclusive launch in London’s Selfridges.

After careful consideration, the approach for the ad spot was devised as a sleek mix of CGI construction of the perfume bottle, based on CAD files, and live action video elements captured at the product’s stills fashion shoot.

Our film team joined the photo shoot in Central London, capturing the models Jesse Wood and Beegee Margenyte individually and together against a white background. In post-production these were composited inside various dynamic CGI shots of the perfume bottle to help develop the conceit of the love story. Music and text was added and various versions were created for different territories, including the Russian market.

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Yohji Yamamoto Yohji Yamamoto

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