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NextShoot work with leading international law firm Bird & Bird to produce internal and external communication videos, interviews and event videos.

We use imaginative idents and behind the scenes footage to punctuate longer content and have developed various on-brand graphics for titles, kinetic typography, colourful graphic overlays and end devices.
For the past five years we've worked with Bird & Bird to develop, film and produce a range of thought leadership videos each year, working with their marketing and communications team and senior partners to create video content dealing with a range of relevant and pertinent issues for the sectors they advise in. Topics have included Blockchain, Employee Activism, 5G, Corporate Compliance and US/China trade relations.

The videos are deployed on Bird & Bird's video library on their website, and distributed across a range of their social media channels, often broken down into shorter iterations.
Bird & Bird Hot Topics Bird & Bird Hot Topics
Bird & Bird Hot Topics Bird & Bird Hot Topics
Typically, multiple videos are shot over the course of a few days with partners from numerous international locations. Filming multiple interviews of such complex subject matter takes a great deal of organisation and working the marketing team at Bird & Bird to identify subject matter, appropriate speakers and to devise a range of questions and outcomes for each interview that will create informative yet succient video content for use online and across social media.

Before filming begins we will have a precise idea of what the finished interview will say, what various iterations we'll have, for instance answers to individual questions, versions for different uses or channels.

We also believe our interviewers should be fully versed in each subject in order to guide the interviewees and coach the best performance from them, so we research each video in advance and are in a position to contribute and steer the interview, if only a little. Typically, each session consists of a 30 minute briefing with our director, the interviewee and the marketing team to run through the interview.

We also work with the client to advise on clothing and colour matching, particularly if the interview is to feature two contributors.
Locations for these interviews are often overseas and, because of the practicalities of getting multiple speakers in once place, it's often done in a hotel suite or conference room that is dressed with a uniform backdrop. We often travel with enough camera, grip and lighting equipment but sometime source local crew and equipment to ensure that everythng is prepared in advance of filming.

Typically, each interview is broken down into four or five questions. We will run through each mutliple times to finesse the answer until the partner themselves, our director and camera team, and the marketing team are happy with the results. We have many years of experience and have conducted thousands of interviews so as a video production company, we know exactly what will and won't work in the edit. We also have a clear sense of the sort of callouts and graphics we intend to use so we can ensure that answers support this messaging.

We'll normally film on two cameras, giving us the maximum flexibility to cut between shots in the edit and create short, punchy video material. In addition we'll sometimes use a side shot to get a more informal 'behind the scenes' look to the filming, which is very much in keeping with Bird & Bird's brand.
Bird & Bird Hot Topics Bird & Bird Hot Topics
Bird & Bird Hot Topics Bird & Bird Hot Topics
The editing progress begins with ingesting and syncing audio on what is normally over 10 hours of content. Once the rushes are organised, we begin reviewing the material and selecting the best takes, placing them against the salient points and sections for each video which were agreed in advance of the filming. Sometimes, we discover that the narrative doesn't flow quite as was anticipated and that's why we also shoot more than we need and give ourselves multiple and different answers for each question.

In tandem with this, we begin creating the graphics in line with Bird & Bird's brand guidelines and our agreed approach to stock footage and full screen messaging. We also create kinetic typography to match the interviewee's answers.

It's often the case that when we're able to stand back and take a look at the flow of the video we create new graphics content, sometimes it's because the story of the video has evolved, sometimes it's just to strengthen a key point.

We have a large library of music that we've built over several years which all has a similar sound, and along with the filming style and graphics contributes to a sense of uniformity and cohernece across an international firm specialising in many differnet areas of expertise.

"NextShoot have helped us to develop a style that reflects our brand, including interviews that feature 'behind-the-scenes' material and graphic components like kinetic typography, question cards, charts and endboards. NextShoot are good at working to the varying briefs we have, being adaptable and flexible with shooting and production, working to tight deadlines and helping our team deliver strong responses.

They're flexible enough to work with us on both big and small projects and their team have a great eye, which means our videos are done to a high standard and are visually interesting. We would recommend NextShoot!"

Michelle Williams
Social Media & Communications Coordinator
Bird & Bird


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