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Successful recruitment is the life-blood of any business looking to flourish. It’s all about attracting the talent that best suits your company.

To appeal to the right kind of applicant, you need to set out your company’s culture, vision and values in an engaging and enticing way. A thoughtful and high-quality recruitment video is an excellent tool.

A recruitment video gives your company a chance to speak to entry-level and senior recruits about the forces that shape your business and to address many of the questions they will have about your company, including attitudes to wellness & mental health, sustainability, flexible working, diversity, work-life balance and career development. By giving potential candidates a rich insight into your company you help them to self-assess whether they’d be a good fit for your business (and your business for them), ensuring you receive only suitable applications.

When it comes to creating a recruitment video, it’s crucial that we work closely with your team in the pre-production stage to understand the key messages you want to articulate about your business, your company culture and the benefits you offer staff to help you appeal to the right sort of candidate. We will then shape this messaging into a format that is best suited to video.

Typically we would meet with you face-to-face in your offices, review potential filming locations and discuss the key content, approach and tone of the video.

Ahead of any filming we would use the information we have gathered to create a shooting script that outlines what is said - in interviews, voiceover or text - and what we will see.

Pre-production Pre-production
Production Production

A good recruitment video should give any potential applicant a clear impression of what it’s like to work for your company. There are different ways to approach this, including a day-in-the-life of a recent graduate employee.

Clearly one of the most effective ways to convey your messaging is to interview current staff at different levels of your organisation. Our directors are skillful at guiding speakers to deliver the clear, engaging and on-message answers that will best serve your recruitment video.

All video content benefits from rich and varied broll filming. With a recruitment video we would encourage you to think of scenarios and events in the calendar year that could be filmed to support the editorial content of your video. This might be a social evening, an away day or a sequence that illustrates your company’s approach to diversity, sustainability or wellbeing.

Capturing footage that feel authentic and vibrant is key to the success of a recruitment video production.


In this final part of the production process we select the best shots and most choice interview snippets and bring them together with music and on-screen graphics.

We will have worked hard during the filming of your recruitment video to get shots with movement and excellent production values because in the end the look & feel of your recruitment video is a reflection of how you represent your company to potential employees.

And with your recruitment video, you’re not just speaking to potential new members of your team. Your video is also sowing the seeds of your reputation with a wider audience, including potential customers. So, it’s an important piece of work that needs to be approached intelligently and produced by a reputable video production company with demonstrable skills. NextShoot is that video agency.

Also visit our About Us video category page. The About Us video tends to be a positioning piece aimed mainly at a company’s clients and potential customers, but it also serves as an excellent recruitment video tool.

And once your recruitment video has helped you land some excellent new employees, then it’s time to consider welcoming your new staffers with an Induction video.

Post-production Post-production

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