The NextShoot work experience programme

We have over forty years of combined experience in writing, creating and producing beautifully conceived visual communications. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with global brands, household names and national institutions. And we want to share our experience and skills with a new generation of filmmakers.

We're delighted to offer two work experience placements each year, letting those aspiring to work in film and video production become part of our team for a period of 2 to 12 weeks, either as holiday work experience or as a required part of the curriculum. Throughout these placements students will gain experience across a range of projects and different disciplines.
About the work experience

We hope to give those who participate a wealth of experience in various areas of production and the production business that will lead to their first foothold in the world of video and film production.

We will endeavour to tailor the work you're given to your specific interests and ambitions, but we're great believers that at this early stage in your career you should gain a solid understanding of all aspects of our business - creative, administrative, organisational and technical. Not only does this ensure that you'll have a better understanding of your co-workers and the industry as a whole, but you might just find a new passion or skill and change your mind about what you want to do.

The directors and senior staff of NextShoot are great believers in giving something back and, having been young and inexperienced themselves not that long ago, appreciate how challenging it can be to break into such a competitive industry.
Who can apply?

Our work experience placements are open to UK and overseas students.

Candidates with more than one year of undergraduate experience and a portfolio of three pieces of video work (contributing in any role to the project) can apply.
All candidates who complete the application form with the right criteria will be considered.
NextShoot understands the lack of diversity in the video and film industry currently and particularly when it comes to technical positions such as camera and sound. We seek to support women with a preference for these technical roles.
Work Experience Testimonials
Working with NextShoot has been a truly eye-opening and inspiring experience. When I undertook my placement last year (2018) I hadn’t yet found my place within the film industry. This is why during my three weeks at the company I thrust myself in to all different areas of production- I had to chance to work both on set, for large-scale companies such as Bloomberg, Malcom Hollis and Aldi and in-house, which allowed me to develop my research skills. What I enjoyed the most was working as part of a smaller crew, where I had the chance to work with professional cameras and was taught by NextShoot’s DOP how to change batteries, lenses and set up the lights, which really inspired me to do more camera work. In fact, since my time at the company I have worked as a camera assistant for the BBC, a trainee for Panavision London and finally as a camera trainee for Marvel’s Black Widow.

I am still in touch with NextShoot and since my placement have worked with them again as a freelance runner/camera trainee. I wish them all the best and am always happy to help such a wonderful company.

Kasia Serafin

Kasia Serafin
Nicolas Dekkers
I undertook a 3 month work placement at NextShoot during spring 2016 as part of my coursework at Artesis Plantijn College where I was studying Commercial Communications and Film Production.

My work experience was excellent as I was a valued part of a live production company environment and I got the opportunity to contribute to projects for high end clients - working on research, setting up shoots, and assisting with filming. As well as production and technical experience, I also got a really good insight into the way that a production company works as a business, which taught me a lot.

The efficient and friendly staff were always helpful and supportive and keen to help me learn. On top of that it was a truly fun place to spend my days. Following my placement at NextShoot I returned to Antwerp, Belgium to complete my BA degree. I have since returned to study drama and work as an actor here in London. What I learnt at NextShoot gave me an extremely good understanding in how a project starts, how production works and how to deliver a finished project that satisfies both clients and content creators.

I would highly recommend any students considering working in the corporate, online or advertising video space to apply for a NextShoot internship. You'll have a blast!

Nicolas Dekkers

Being part of the NextShoot team has been invaluable and unforgettable. During my work experience I had the opportunity to work on a large-scale shoot as a production runner for media conglomerate Bloomberg, as well as on smaller corporate shoots and even had the chance to immerse myself in the art and culture scene of London, filming an arts video for Christo's ' Mastaba' project at the Serpentine.

During the course of three weeks, I learnt how to carry out essential production assistant tasks such as sourcing information for call sheets and looking after talent and crew on set. I was able to apply this knowledge to my next role as an intern for a production company I worked at in Poland. Indeed, working at NextShoot has greatly enhanced my CV and made me stand out more to potential future employers. Most importantly, I have built a great working relationship with the company and since my placement, have been offered the chance to work with them freelance as a runner. I hope to continue working with NextShoot in the future and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is interested in gaining work experience within the film/media industry.

Carey Osborne

Carey Osborne
Anya Hotten
I worked at NextShoot from October to December 2017 and it was my first professional job in the industry. I enjoyed all aspects of working with this team and am grateful to Dom and Mike for giving me the opportunity to experience a wide range of elements in production. Being part of a small team allowed me to get experience with both working in an office and working on set. My responsibilities were extremely wide, ranging from organising caterers for shoot, liaising with actors, recceing locations for shoot and going on runs to keep everything moving smoothly. My time at NextShoot was invaluable and enjoyable. I always felt supported and encouraged.

Anya Hotten

In the spring of 2015 I did an internship at NextShoot. During my time in London I had not only learned everything about filmmaking but also met a lot of kind people. The employees are truly people who work from a passion, and want to transfer their knowledge to you. In the 6 months I was at NextShoot I had the opportunity to do my own little projects, as well as helping on bigger projects like the Bloomberg Documentary. My personal highlight was the shoot we had at the West London Film Studios for Haydn's Wish.

After I finished college I started working as a Freelancer and I now have international clients like Air France/KLM, Swatch and Oticon Medical. My work is diverse, one week I’m directing a corporate film about custom made nitrogen packages and the other week I’m in North-Ireland to film for a Dutch travel agency. All thanks to Dominic and Mike who gave me the opportunity to learn the insights of filmmaking as well as running a business.

Nicole van den Berg

What was invaluable about my time at NextShoot was getting to work with both large and small camera crews and essentially getting to take on the role as a camera trainee. This was great in that it clarified my desire for a career focus in the camera department. It was also great in this aspect as I got to work with a crew of a very high level of professionalism and efficiency, in lots of salubrious settings. It was so rewarding to see the finished videos a few months later and see how highly accomplished and refined what I worked on was in the end product.

What am I up to now? I have recently graduated and currently working as a freelance Videographer and Camera Operator while also still freelance running while I build up my Videography portfolio.

Charlotte Hurst

My work experience at NextShoot was the perfect combination of instructive and fun. I joined shoots as a runner, helped with pre-production, including briefs and storyboards and was assigned an editing project to deliver during my time at the company. I also managed their social media channels, which fit well with my Marketing degree. Dominic, the MD, was an excellent and patient mentor, always happy to give me feedback and additional insight into business decisions and projects. The entire team was very welcoming and open-minded, almost like a family away from home.

Now I'm the Head of Marketing at a video game studio. Everything I learned about video production at NextShoot has been a bonus skill throughout my marketing career when leading the creation of game trailers and social media assets. I'm very grateful for the opportunity NextShoot gave me and will always remember it fondly.

Sofie Marien

Undertaking a 3-month work placement with NextShoot was a truly inspiring experience. As a film student I was excited but intimidated by the film industry, with so many areas to gain expertise in.

Ultimately, during my placement, I was exposed to multiple disciplines across the corporate video production scape, including the creative, organisational and technical. Amidst the difficulties of shooting within guidelines concerning Covid-19, I was still able to work with industry professionals as a runner at a shoot conducted at the National Gallery and learn about cinematography at the London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE, which were both wonderful opportunities to explore the mechanics behind film production.

Due to travel limitations, I had to return to Harare, Zimbabwe, however the learning didn’t stop. As I was unable to attend shoots, I was granted the opportunity to delve into the management and administration side of a production company. Learning about client interaction and evaluating the SEO value of content helped me gain considerable insight into the growing importance in the online presence of a business. I was also given the opportunity to create a blog assessing how various companies have adapted to video-based advertising in order to adjust to the new order of 2020.

As turbulent as this year was, I am very grateful to Dom, Mike and their team for their consistent support, encouragement and accommodation. The knowledge I have gained from this experience is invaluable and I highly recommend this programme for anybody wishing to gain work experience within the video production industry.

Summer Gamble

As part of my course in Film Production and Theatre at Brunel University, I was required to complete ten days of work experience and was really pleased to be offered a placement by NextShoot. I acted as a runner on a variety of shoots, including an interview with designer Jason Bruges in his studio, with YouTube gaming influencer Vikkstar123, at a corporate event for a financial advisory firm, and with leading property consultancy CBRE.  As a runner, it can be hard initially to find ways to make a contribution, but everyone was really friendly and I soon discovered that main thing was to make myself as useful as possible. My roles included making tea (obviously), assisting the camera team with the set-up of the equipment, chaperoning actors, completing release forms, organising lunch and helping with the collection and delivery of kit.

The shoots were all quite different in nature and gave me the chance to witness first-hand the way in which the team organised each filming day and to get closer to the equipment that was used. I especially enjoyed the interviews. I was keen to see how these were framed and lit by the DoP, but it was also interesting to see how the director managed the interview process to capture the best material for each project.  Filming days - at 10 to 11 hours - can be grueling, but I always felt really satisfied at the end of the day after completing a successful shoot and working with a group of professionals who were happy to support me at this early stage of my career.  My placement with NextShoot really helped me to understand more about cameras and working on location. I also got great insights into how a corporate video production company in London is run, and above all this period really helped me to make decisions about the direction of my career.

Daniela Lucaci

What it will entail?
Working across disciplines, including pre-production, script development and post-production
Practical experience on location shoots as well as in office
Working with a professional team of producers, directors, DoPs and film crew
A 2 to 12 week placement, depending on your circumstances
On non-shoot days, typical office hours are 10-6pm with lunch hour
There is no National Minimum Wage payment for these placements, and so they are only suitable for students required to undertake a placement as part of a further education or higher education course ( see UK government regulations. ). However, we will cover travel expenses for these students within London Zones 1-6, up to £50 per week. Applications from overseas students, typically for long internships, will only be considered if the student’s placement is required as part of a further education or higher education course. Such placements are normally wholly/ partly covered by a grant.
How to Apply
We want to know a bit about you but mostly about how you think and your understanding of different areas of the production business. We understand that you don't have much experience but we want to see that you have an imaginative and creative approach, and also a good knowledge of the basics of filmmaking. Each complete application will require that you -

TickUpload your CV

TickUpload a covering letter introducing yourself and telling us why you think you're the right candidate

TickProvide links to 3 examples of your work. Include your role in the production in the description

TickProvide a link to a video you like and 100 words on why you think it's successful

TickUpload a response to a client brief for a proposed video with the questions would you have from 3 different production points of view
a) as a producer
b) as a director
c) as a camera operator

We are currently accepting submissions for:

August-September 2020 (dependent upon Government Covid-19 guidelines)
2-4 week placement (deadline for application 5pm, July 1st 2020)

March-April 2021
2 week placement (deadline for application 5pm , February 1st 2020)

July-October 2021
2-6 week placement (deadline for application 5pm, July 1st 2021)

On an ad hoc basis from January 2021
Longer placements of up to 12 weeks

Once you're ready to get started, click here to complete the the online application.


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