Filming for American companies in London and the UK

If you represent a American business that needs a professional video shoot in London or the rest of the UK, then you've come to the right production company.

Filiming in London

Filiming in London

Who are our clients?

We've created videos for top American, international and UK brands, companies and organisations including Bloomberg, Google, the Gates Foundation, Louis Vuitton, the World Bank, IBM, Random House, Harper Collins, Barclays, Argos, Habitat, John Lewis, Jaguar Land Rover, Intel, Mitel, Symantec, and Selfridges.

What sort of corporate videos do you usually create?

We are often asked to shoot events, conferences and case studies for American companies. Sometimes we film content to slot into a video that is edited in Canada, and so we provide the raw, unedited material. Sometimes we are asked to shoot and edit the content into a polished final product ourselves. We can also produce 2D and 3D graphics. Any which way, we can work with you to create the material that you need in London and the UK.

What does your service include?

In the first instance, we would make every effort to understand your brief - it's especially important if we are representing you to a client or partner. If the content requires an interview, then we ensure that we are educated in the subject matter, and get a clear idea about the answers you expect to hear. Our directors are former BBC staff who put interviewees at ease and get the most relaxed, authentic and passionate responses possible. We set up the filming, provide the cameraman (one of our excellent in-house team using the latest and best equipment) and a soundman if necessary. We supply you with the raw material, the best takes or a finished video, as required. This can be delivered via our own cloud-based portal, via FTP, or we can send you a hard drive. We keep the master material and a back up of your content, so even if the drive gets lost in the post, it's not the end of the world.

How quickly can you turn around corporate content?

We can deliver your corporate content very quickly. If we are just providing you with the raw material, as early as the day after filming. If the project requires editing and there is a tight turnaround we can even take an editor on location so that we can start processing the shot material while we are still filming. We will be guided by your deadlines and get your content to you as quickly as you need it.

Can you produce adverts and commercials?

We also work with agencies shooting adverts and commercials in London and the UK. Filming abroad is expensive and challenging, and so we make the experience as cost-effective and stress-free as possible. We can offer:
- Research
- Visa advice
- Carnet advice
- Office space
- Hotel suggestions and booking
- Transportation
- Casting
- Studio
- Film and photographic crews
- Camera packages
- Kit hire
- Line producers
- Production managers
- Location services
- Bi-lingual staff
- Permits
- Post-production

How do we pay you and do we pay VAT?

Typically we ask for 50 per cent of the video value in advance of filming and then we invoice for the second 50 per cent on completion of the project, with terms of 30 days. If you are a US based company and paying us from Canada, there is £10 GBP bank fee on top of the production costs. We do not charge you VAT if we are paid from a American account. If the payment is made by a UK based company then VAT (20 per cent) would be charged.

How do I get in touch?

Whether you have a 100 per cent commitment to filming in London, or just want to understand what would be involved for a project down the line, please do get in touch. Send us an email ( or give us a call on 001 44 203 859 043. If you would like us to call you back, please email your contact telephone number and let us know where in the country you are.
Our Clients

We've been fortunate enough to work with internationally recognised brands and organisations, as well as a working with a range of renowned institutions to innovate and deliver on their video production. Below is just a selection of the companies we've worked with to deliver corporate video production services.


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