View from the crew
Mike MacNamara, Director, NextShoot

It’s hugely rewarding to see your vision come to life, especially when there are so many moving parts and a myriad of things that could potentially go wrong. When filming, you really need to believe in yourself, the expertise of the people around you and your track record. There’s always going to be unknowns and vagaries that will throw a spanner in the works, but you need to persevere and stick to the vision. That’s the advantage of a rigorous approach to pre-production. I think it’s one of the best videos we’ve produced. The vision from script through to storyboarding, pre-production, the logistics, filming and editing was utterly seamless and the finished product was exactly what we’d intended. More important than all of that, the client was delighted. A truly innovative piece of visual communication, brought in on budget and on schedule.

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