View from the crew
Alessandro Inglima, Senior video editor at NextShoot, deconstructs his experience editing Bloomberg’s ‘Workplace of the Future’ documentary for Bloomberg TV.

‘The Workplace of the Future’ has been a truly fulfilling project to work on as an editor, including as it does the fruit of so many videos created over five years. It was incredible to be able to follow the development of such a long project from the start to the finish, learning about architecture, development, construction, history, art, archaeology and craftsmanship along the way. What I loved most of all was the opportunity to collaborate and interact with so many people - my direct team, the wider filming team and the client team at Bloomberg. Like constructing a worthwhile building, assembling videos piece by piece involves a hugely collaborative process involving a broad team of people with hugely different skills, managed by clients and producers who see keep the big picture while the details get worked out by specialists. It takes creativity, communication and an open-mind. When you work with these ingredients and the right people, work feels like your hobby.

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