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Since 2009 NextShoot have produced over 10,000 videos for an ever-growing number of clients from across the UK and around the world. No matter what you're looking for, give us a call on 0845 539 0075 or email us at

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    Brief development

    We work with you to refine your brief, define your audience and work through each detail of your video before we look at the where and how of producing it.


    Our established team have worked with some of the biggest and best brands.


    Normal human speech consists of 200 words per minute. A good web video lasts about 90 seconds. That gives you 300 words to say it all. Which is why it's good to have the professionals in your corner.


    Storyboarding a film and breaking it down shot by shot helps communicate the ideas therein and forms the basis for managing the production process.

    Talent casting

    We have great relationships with various agencies, presenters, actors and model agencies and manage the whole casting process for you including screen tests at our central London offices. We manage fees and licensing as part of the production process to deliver the best talent at the most competitive prices.

    Set design

    Sometimes you have to start from scratch to get it just right and facilitate speed and flexibility in the filming process. We work with some of the best set designers and builders in the UK to ensure your video looks just right. We also work with a host of set dressers and prop companies to address the little details.

    Location scouting

    We have relationships with all the major location companies so whether it's a drive-in studio or a stately home we can find the perfect location for your video. We also do a recce to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises on the day.
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    Our directors and producers have years of experience in interviewing, putting subjects at ease and aiding them through a sometimes nerve wracking experience. By helping them navigate complex subjects for a video audience and understanding the subject and audience we ensure that our clients are able to perform to the best of their abilities and communicate with their audience in a succinct, relevant and effective way.

    Location filming

    NextShoot has the expertise in delivering high profile projects with national and international institutions. The value we bring is not limited simply to state of the art equipment and filming techniques but also the logistical planning, production process and research. From the minute you're filming the meter is running - costs for the location, crew, materials and catering can spiral if the process isn't managed correctly.

    Studio filming

    We work with some of the best film and photographic studios across London and the South East, so whether you need greenscreen, soundproofing, a cove or a drive-in studio we can let you know your options. Most of the studios we work with also offer client areas and catering so you can work and relax while keeping an eye on the filming.

    Set builds

    Sometimes you need a bespoke set that neither studios or locations can offer. Whether it's because you need a particualr look or the filming schedule and technical requirements need a bespoke approach. We have relationships with specialists in set construction and dressing to get you the best results at the most reasonable cost.


    Reading directly to the camera can be challenging. At NextShoot we offer full autocue services to help with those complex scripts. Material can be easily edited on the day and our experts are there to help you perform.

    Hair & Make-up

    We work with a roster of hair and make-up professionals to get you looking at your best.


    Sometimes a shoot will require a special attention to detail and so we have a team of award winning stylists at our disposal. They work with the best brands and suppliers to ensure your video looks great.
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    Our team of award winning editors are in-house to make the editing process painless and finesse your video. Our services include sound mixing and grading. You're more than welcome to come and sit in at our Central London offices and watch the magic happen.

    Motion graphics

    We have a team dedicated to motion graphics, dealing with animations and charts and specialising in kinetic typography and building striking graphics and designs from scratch.


    We can bring your video to life with stunning 3D graphics and CGI. We have years of experience in bringing ideas to life and creating lifelike renders.


    We provide a full range of music services from royalty free scores to specially commissioned compositions.


    NextShoot have over 250 voiceover artists on our books, offering a full range of styles and accents. We even have that guy from the X-Factor. And Spanish Buzz Lightyear.

    Online review via our own portal

    All our edited video is uploaded to our online portal. You can review, share and comment on finished videos and track the entire production process. And we store your files there forever. And if you use an online video platform like Brightcove or YouTube, you can push your videos directly from our server to theirs saving you time and hassle.
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    Digital Services

    Video content management

    In addition, if you have a Brightcove account, you can push videos directly into their system for encoding. We can also put your video directly into you Amazon S3 accounts for storage and distribution. If you're producing over 500 videos a year we'll even set up your own FTP system to allow you to automatically push your video into any number of locations. It's all part of the service.

    Website/ microsite build

    We build and design websites (we built this one). We're obviously in our element working with video but we don't stop there. Most of our website builds are in 'LAMP' (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) which are all open source. This means the framework behind the site is free. We also offer very competitive hosting costs from simple shared servers to dedicated machines. All our sites are scalable, dynamic and easy to manage.They're fully responsive so they look as good on your phone as they do on your desktop. In addition we love other open source fixes and shared solutions - so if you want your site built in WordPress, Droopla or Tumblr that's cool by us - we don't want to be re-inventing the wheel unless it's strictly necessary.

    Clickable video overlay

    Through our partnership with Brightcove we work with some really innovative suppliers who can bring all kinds of added overlay functionality and interaction to video players. Combine this with thoughtful production and you've got a great way of engaging consumers.

    Live streaming

    If your event just has to be streamed live we can help. We'll bring a full broadcast crew, mixing desk and arrange the necessary bandwidth to beam your video to a global audience.

    Brightcove content partner

    We're delighted to work with Brightcove, the leading online video platform, to assist their customers in the generation of video content which can be seamlessly integrated into the Brightcove ecosystem.

    YouTube Channel management

    If you're relying on your YouTube channel to get your videos seen you'll probably have found out it's a lot of work. There's some simple techniques to increase interaction and views and some really cool tricks to drive views across videos and channels. If you want to talk to us about what our managed service can do for you.
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    Digital Strategy

    Market Analysis

    Competitor Benchmarking

    Trend Tracking

Our Clients

We've been fortunate enough to work with internationally recognised brands and organisations, as well as a working with a range of renowned institutions to innovate and deliver on their video production. Below is just a selection of the companies we've worked with to deliver corporate video production services.


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