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There's a lot of video production companies offering a lot of advice. We work with some of the biggest brands to produce their website video, including retailers like Louis Vuitton, Habitat and Argos, organisations like Barclays, the NHS and BUPA.

Different Types of Website Video

Broadly speaking our clients have six different categories of video that we're asked to produce for their websites and apps.

How To Videos

Typically this might go on the homepage or on a product page. The idea is to quickyl and simply communicate the functionality of a site, online service or product. This kind of video might make use of animation, screengrabs, specially shot demonstration video material and a voiceover. View Some examples

Presentation Videos

A Presentation video is normally focused on a product, service or issue. Typically, focusing on a product of service might allow you to concentrate on unqiue selling points, common issues and the solution your business has found for them. It's a great opportunity to position your brand particuarly by promoting thought leadership in particualr areas. View Some examples

Case Study Videos

Case studies and customer success stories are a terrific way to ressure potential new customers about your product quality and service standards. We would normally shoot the video at either your offices or those of your client. This allows us to get some cutaway footage of the premises and potentially the product in use. Alternatively we can shoot in our studio though we'd recommend that to keep cost per video down we take advantage of the time to do multiple interviews. Finally, we can craft a more narrative video with specially shot sequences around the product's story. View Some examples

Advertising Videos

Often these are commissioned for use on a clients own site and distribution to YouTube and other video advertising networks. We often develop the scripts to broadcast compliant standards for TV use in various regions. Typically they're more energetic and creative than a How To and use location or studio build and actors and CGI. We handle the entire process from creative and script development to storyboarding, set design and casting, to production, post production and graphics and even distribution. View Some examples


Getting your people in front of the camera and putting their knowledge and experience in the forefront of your communication is a cost-effective way to produce great video content for your website. We can shoot these videos on location at your offices or use our studios. Depending on how confident they are in front of the camera and your requirements we can help with scripting, autocue and coaching. We always use experienced directors who are used to getting the best of out their subjects. View Some examples

Event Videos

It seems a shame to spend a small fortune on an event and not have any record of it. Events videos are a great way to mark launches, conferences and sponsorships and can encompass shots of the event itself, highlights of keynote speeches and seminars (or, of course, exhaustive coverage) and interviews and voxpops with key personnel and clients. View Some examples

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