The A to Z of Film & Video Production

We’ve been working on this one for a while and so we’re very excited to get our A to Z of Film and Video Production launched.

For years we’ve thought it would be really cool to  have a guide to the sometimes crazy conventions and specialised terminology used in our industry. Somewhere our clients could find out everything they need to know about filming, equipment, crew members and techniques.

Cary Grant in a great example of rear projection

Along the way we’ve ended up learning a great deal about some of the most extraordinary scenes ever filmed and the people who worked on them.

Gaffer tape which literally holds the production industry together

Subjects covered include the practical like an explanation of ‘crossing the line’ in interviews, why gaffer tape is so important and the rules about lunchtime on a set to the slightly less useful but nonetheless fascinating like the potted history of the Oscars and a fascinating piece on propaganda.

Stanley Kubrick with his NASA lens. The story of the filming of Barry Lyndon gives a great insight into how exposure works

We’re working on a new batch of articles right now so make sure you check back soon.