An Introduction to ‘Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light’

Here’s the first of three short films produced for The National Gallery in London to support their current exhibition, ‘Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light’.

As you’ll see from previous posts, the project involved filming in New York and across Spain at numerous locations including Madrid at the Museo Sorolla and Museo del Prado, the artist’s hometown of Valencia and in Granada and Seville.

Some of the interviews were conducted in our studio near Kings’ Cross in London.

The project involved a lot of different skills. Shot on Sony FS7 it also incorporates dolly shots, drone filming of the Spanish coast and electronic slider shots of some of Sorolla’s paintings.

Building the London Mastaba

Christo’s monumental artwork The Mastaba graced the Serpentine in Hyde Park for the duration of the summer and certainly brought some colour and some debate to this idyllic corner of London.

We were filming the progress of the construction and were lucky to be there atop the sculpture as the last barrel went in. We won’t pretend there wasn’t some trepidation either in climbing up through the labyrinth of scaffolding that formed the structure’s interior, or tiptoeing across the welding joins on the barrels. The view, however, was splendid.