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Thermoseal Group is the UK’s leading manufacturer and exporter of innovative warm edge spacers for use in the glazing and construction industries. NextShoot have worked with Thermoseal to deliver a variety of explanatory and instructional videos to aid the sales and marketing of their products and their use by their customers.

We were commissioned to produce and create a high quality 3D animation showing how Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer can be used to create up to 500 sealed double glazing units per day, employing the Thermoflex Shuttle Applicator, Reel Dispenser, Liner Stripper and Air Float Table.
The Brief
The first challenge was to script and storyboard a complex process into something that would work visually but, as an instructional video, give the viewer all they required to complete the task.

We first introduced each of the elements involved in the production process and broke down each stage into easy to understand steps. The script was then developed into a storyboard, complete with text overlays to explain key stages of the process.

We mapped each part of the process to an ideal shot, and so were able to time and visualise out each cut, which perspective would work best, and what 3D elements would be required in each shot.
Thermoflex Instructional Video Thermoflex Instructional Video
Thermoflex Instructional Video Thermoflex Instructional Video
Our Approach
As no CAD for the products existed at the quality we required, our first task was to create detailed 3D modelling for each element. Using the Shuttle Applicator and Liner Stripper as guides our 3D artist was able to design the models. We then applied highly realistic material and lighting effects to all elements within the film.
Starting with an explanation of the different elements that would be used, we created 3D renders of the virtual workspace. Moving in turn for a more detailed look at the products.

We then began a simple step by step guide to the application process, zooming in on specific details as required to bring the process to life.

Thermoseal were insistent that each stage be explained and shown in precise detail.
The Results
The finished 3D was then completed with text overlays, highlighting the key stages of the application process. Finally the voiceover was added, only recorded once we were completely confident in the timing of the 3D.

An English language subtitle file (.srt) was created, and translations completed for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Mandarin speakers. Captions were then ‘burned-in’ to the finished videos.

NextShoot is one of the leading animation production companies in the UK. We have years of experience of developing, designing and rendering complex 3D graphics for projects for instructional and promotional videos in the UK and Worldwide.
Thermoflex Instructional Video Thermoflex Instructional Video


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