Stylus is an innovative business, providing expert trend analysis that equips brands and agencies to make trailblazing decisions and build lucrative futures. By decoding consumer shifts across 20 industries, they arm members with actionable, sector-spanning insights. Insights they rely on to stay ahead.

NextShoot work with Stylus to create attention grabbing promotional videos trailing content in their more in depth reports. Each video we shoot and produce for Stylus is carefully conceived and storyboarded to reflect the subject matter being discussed, so whether it's a Partridge Family tribute or just something really cool, the videos pique the curiosity but also communicate the core values of Stylus's messaging.

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NextShoot as an organisation is able to offer clients the necessary skills to manage large, long-term and complex projects. We have genuine end to end life cycle experience of major production projects and, above all, the desire to produce work of an outstanding quality for our clients. Below you'll find details of some of our recent and more notable projects.

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