Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum

The London Mithraeum, Bloomberg SPACE showcases contemporary art that is informed by the history of a unique site that incorporates a mid-3rd century Roman temple dedicated to the god Mithras, 7 metres below today’s ground level.

The installation The Pavilion was developed by contemporary artist Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, and represents the artist’s first UK solo exhibition at a public institution. Sunstrum explores how the public engages with archives and artefacts, and their presentation in museum spaces.

The exhibition runs from 27 Jul 2023 – 13 Jan 2024.
The Brief
Bloomberg approached NextShoot to make a film about The Pavilion that could be hosted on the London Mithraeum, Bloomberg SPACE website and on Bloomberg Connects.

The goal was to give context to the artist’s inspirations and intentions for those intending to visit the exhibition.

The commissioners were eager to see a video that told the story of the work, from its conception to its completion, and how it was received by the audience after opening.

A part of the brief was to ensure that the video was artistic rather than corporate in nature.
Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum
Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum
Our Approach
We accompanied the artist on her exploration of spaces such as the Sir John Soane's Museum model diorama room and the Old Operating Theatre. This allowed us to showcase her artistic conception and thought process, and to provide a visual and structural comparison to her artwork. Getting access to these spaces was eased by Bloomberg Connects.

We also conducted in-depth interviews with Sunstrum on her work, recurring themes and topics, her creative and aesthetic choices for The Pavilion, as well as her inspirations and references for it. We also discussed how the installation is intended to be perceived and experienced.

Our team filmed moments of the building and installation of the pavilion, a wooden structure reminiscent of Victorian "cabinets of curiosities". The pavilion was designed in collaboration with Remco Osório Lobato and houses an archive of Sunstrum's animations dating from 2007 to 2016. The crew were present on the opening day of the exhibition, when they captured families with their children exploring the art installation.
The Results
The final video provides a glimpse into Sunstrum’s creative process, illustrating the inspirations that shaped her thinking and giving viewers a sense of both her larger work and her intentions for The Pavilion.

The video also provides a clear overview of the key features of the exhibition, including the structure and layout of the wooden pavilion, the cabinet-like installation of Sunstrum's animations at the front, and the interactive space and drawings at the back.

The b-roll footage is creative in its execution and illustrative of Pamela's creative process and conceptualization. The track-laying and musical choices in post-production, including some of the soundscapes from the artist's own works, ensure that the final edit has an artistic sentiment.

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For more information on the London Mithraeum, Bloomberg Space visit the website
For more information on Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum visit her website
Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum
Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum
Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum
Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum
Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum
Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum
Bloomberg Space Pamela Sunstrum


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