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A range of interviews with contemporary fashion designers as we get access behind the scenes at their catwalk shows and a unique insight into their creative processes. Filmed across Europe and the US for ORDRE, an online fashion wholesaler at the cutting edge of tech.

ORDRE has created a network that brings together 2,719 retail organisations with 6,000 buyers across 93 countries.
The images and content on the ORDRE platform enable the buyers to feel confident about placing wholesale orders online when they cannot physically see a collection. The platform has three key visual tools that inform these buying decisions:

Video - designer interviews about their collection with ORDRE’s fashion director

Online showrooms - collection photography, enhanced by 360° spinning imagery with super-zoom capabilities

VR - runway & presentations shot in virtual reality viewable through headsets

ORDRE also offer buyers physical showrooms using these same technologies and further enhance the experience with life-size 360° touch screens.
ORDRE Fashion Video Production Case Study ORDRE Fashion Video Production Case Study
ORDRE Fashion Video Production Case Study ORDRE Fashion Video Production Case Study
NextShoot has a lot of experience of fashion video production and we work also work with many tech companies, so we felt from the offset that we were the ideal video production company partner for ORDRE.

We have produced a variety of video assets for ORDRE, all of which required different approaches. One explainer video demonstrated the overall ORDRE proposition to potential members. Often we arranged for 360° filming in New York and Paris to capture a collection that we would edit for use on the ORDRE website or in a physical showroom.

However, most of our filming has involved designer interviews. Often the filming for these was carried out after a fashion show in London, New York or Paris. Inevitably this involved liaising with the fashion companies PRs to arrange access for our crew, to find a suitable space for filming and to make time in the designer’s busy schedule for the shoot.

Where our in-house team was not present, we provided clear information to our local crews in Paris and New York on the scheduling, set-up and objectives.
Filming around fashion events requires flexibility, some patience and the ability to work quickly once the opportunity to shoot arrives. While ORDRE conducted the interviews our crews - director, DoP, and sound recordist - captured picture and sound in often busy environments. As the format involved seeing the interviewer as well as the interviewee (and often two interviewees), some careful direction was required to get the necessary coverage with two cameras.

It was a part of the brief that the videos have a filmic, fashion film aesthetic and so besides the interviews the team captured stylishly shot backstage footage, catwalk footage (some was also typically supplied so our team went for more artistic framing) and shots of the collection itself to illustrate the materials, cuts and designs to online buyers.

After the shoot the footage was uploaded to our FTP for our inhouse edit team to assemble.
ORDRE Fashion Video Production Case Study ORDRE Fashion Video Production Case Study
ORDRE Fashion Video Production Case Study ORDRE Fashion Video Production Case Study
A part of the ORDRE brief was for a quick edit turnaround so that buyers could quickly get access to the information they need to make purchase decisions.

The key to each video was to make editorial decisions on the interview content, cutting about 30 minutes of material to just 3 minutes of pertinent insight, bearing in mind the final viewing audience.

Once we had succeeded with shaping the words, we illustrated this interview material with relevant broll, catwalk footage and look book imagery, topped off with simple graphics in the brand style and a suitable music track to tie it all together.

The result is an on trend set of designer interviews that elucidate and illustrate the thought behind a designer’s collection, giving insight to the buyers making decisions online.



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