Key Trends In Online Video Advertising

The growth of online video has revolutionised the way brands are advertising. New channels of distribution have changed the relationship between adverts and viewers, and new ways to target delivery and evaluate performance have changed what we view as engagement.

Perhaps the most significant change has been cost: the evolution of recording equipment, technology, expectations and distribution have brought campaigns within the reach of organisations who may typically have been excluded by the prerequisite budget and universality of television advertising. We work with you to -

- Develop appropriate scripts, creative and strategy
- Manage the compliance process ensuring legal requirements are met and the script is approved for use in different regions
- Produce your advert managing all aspects of location, set-design and dress, casting, directing and lighting
- Provide multiple edits of your adverts for different spots and regions
- Manage PPC video campaigns via YouTube and Google providing daily statistics for demonstrable ROI
- Work with marketing agencies to seed your video

Video can now be targeted at specific online audiences as new and competitively priced spots become available through emerging portals serving burgeoning online and digital TV estates. All of this ultimately defines the creative brief: what is possible, what will work and what constitutes success.

Start-up advertising networks are creating new opportunities.

A plethora of start-up advertising networks are demystifying the process of media buying and enabling brands to bring the process in-house or benefit from the cost and management savings of working with a full-service agency like NextShoot to run creative, production and buying.

Sharing is normally a carefully orchestrated seeding process.

The catalyst for sharing is rarely, as you might believe, an impromptu eruption of devotion or enthusiasm from would be customers, but is normally a carefully orchestrated seeding process using a combination of paid for views and PR or cash driven 'brand advocacy'. Video networks like GoViral and Ebuzzing bring legions of bloggers and publishers willing to host your video for a small fee. The players they use promote sharing and offer some genuinely innovative approaches to screen property and calls to action.

The first and most noticeable effect has been the the viral video.

It's no surprise that with all of these new opportunities for distribution there's been some corresponding change in the creative direction of advertising. The first and most noticeable effect has been the spawning of the viral video. This has led businesses into some truly catastrophic territory. Marketing teams who would normally be obsessed with brand protection suddenly seem divested of the idea of its value, believing that sharing is the only measure of worth or success. Too often the fundamentals have been forgotten.

Social is a move from vertical to horizontal.

Perhaps the most prevalent but most oft-misunderstood new distribution channel is 'social'. The evolution that the concept of social has precipitated within video advertising can be broadly characterised as a move from vertical to horizontal, that is to say a movement from top down to peer based communication.

Shareability has become the key gauge of success.

As the primary driver in determining a campaign's penetration, 'shareability' increasingly defines what is deemed appropriate. At the root of this is the individual's willingness to be associated with (or subsumed by) an idea. The brand must create a system of meaning into which the individual's understanding of themselves fits. In other words, there must be a perceived social benefit to their association with the message.

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