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The challenge with many tech businesses, especially while the core offering is still in development, is that it is difficult to illustrate the product itself in a video. This was the case when we worked with Kalido, an AI-powered, privacy-first, real-time opportunity platform for enterprises, communities & individuals that supercharges worker well-being, business productivity & innovation.

Often the best approach is to let the company representatives themselves speak to the important subjects around the product - the challenges people have had in the past in their particular sector, how their product addresses these challenges, and the difference their product can make to users.

This being the case it’s key that the interview material looks excellent, as it forms a significant part of the on-screen video product. We filmed the three founders of Kalido in our studio in Central London against an off-white (Silver Birch to be precise) background. The interview content was all carefully planned, in fact scripted, but on the day the three founders spoke with passion and fluency using the script as a skeleton for their thoughts and responses.

As a video production company based in London, where space is a premium, we’re fortunate to have our own studio space. For Kalido’s positioning video () we used it for the interviews, but also sequences with two actors using desktop, tablet and mobile phone devices to give us varied broll shots and also examples of the Kalido platform in use - a visual reassurance to investors and early adopters.

In the edit interviews were cut together with high quality stock images which we manipulated into layers to create a 3d effect and over which we floated key text that supported and added to what was said by the founders in their interviews.

The result was a striking video with a premium feel that brought clarity to a complex proposition. The video was used at the World Economic forum in Davos 2020 with excellent feedback. Kalido was recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer 2020.


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