Live Event Video Production

Live event filming is about knowing how to work with the unpredictable. We come to you fully equipped - with cameras, sound equipment and expertise. We work with you before the event to properly understand what we are working with, who we’ll be speaking to and what you hope to achieve from the video. We then we produce the finished event video with finishing touches like a compelling soundtrack, captions and graphics where appropriate.

Key Reasons for Corporate Event Filming

- Keynote presentations
- Press Launches
- Fashion Show
- Live music events
- Workshops

It makes sense to record events. They involve a great deal of expenditure both financially and logistically. All that impact and effort should continue working for you after the event. By painstakingly planning an event video production we can get the right type of event coverage to create a valuable video assets that can -
- Publicise your brand
- Give a visual identity to your business
- Reach the widest possible audience
- Showcase your talents
- Having something that will outlive the event
- Capture the dynamism and energy of your brand and the occasion

Event Video Production That Will Give You Total Coverage

NextShoot offer a full service from planning, design and filming to titles and graphics. These are made available in whatever video format you require.

Live Broadcast for Event Video

We are also experts at implementing video on the web and can provide live broadcast to all platforms globally via our partners The Streaming Company. Our event video production teams are fully trained and come with the right equipment including state of the art transcoding equipment and even portable satellite uplinks when needed.
Our Clients

We've been fortunate enough to work with internationally recognised brands and organisations, as well as a working with a range of renowned institutions to innovate and deliver on their video production. Below is just a selection of the companies we've worked with to deliver corporate video production services.


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