Christmas Adverts in 2020

If there was ever a year to appreciate the most meaningful things in life, 2020 is the one. Throughout months of setbacks, themes of love and support have weaved their way into many of the year’s adverts, and this holiday season brands are reinforcing these values with some Christmas sparkle. With a focus on the importance of family and strength in the face of adversity, we explore how businesses have succeeded in updating the magic of Yuletide against the backdrop of 2020.  

 Disney UK

 Nothing taps into our inner child quite like a Disney movie, and the company plays into this in their advert From Our Family to Yours. Highlighting the importance of Christmas within the Filipino community, the 3-minute animation follows the story of a grandmother and her granddaughter committing to the traditions of their culture during the holiday season. However, as time passes, the granddaughter loses interest in the practice, though soon learns that it’s never too late to return to your roots. In parallel to this touching story runs a light-hearted game as multiple Disney references can be spotted throughout the ad. Paying close attention to Filipino cultural practices, such as the greetings used, hand gestures and formation of decorations known as ‘parols’, the advert encompasses communities on a global scale and shows that the essence of Christmas lies within family.


Aldi also attempts to access the child within us through animation. In their Christmas Launch ad, their story follows the patriarch of a family of carrots, Kevin, and his journey to get home in time for Christmas. Forming an unlikely pairing with a hedgehog, the two rush against the clock through snow-laden mountains to the Home Alone theme tune. This adventure contrasts with that of his family who anxiously await his return, surrounded by delectable, Aldi-sourced Christmas dishes. Resembling a fable of sorts, the clip nods to an appreciation for frontline workers, with a rainbow picture decorating Santa’s window. 


25 years after their first appearance in the advertising calendar, Coca Cola’s The Letter greets us with its now-familiar big red truck, which plays it part in getting a father home for Christmas. It starts with our protagonist leaving for work on an off-shore windfarm, when his daughter asks him to mail her present wish-list to Santa. After forgetting to do this, he embarks on a Lord of the Rings-style quest to deliver the note by hand. With full-length feature worthy cinematography, the trip takes the father across oceans, mountains and jungles until he eventually reaches his desired destination, Santa’s residence at the North Pole. Arriving too late, he hitches a lift home in Santa’s Coca Cola truck. When Santa paases him his daughter’s wish-list it simply reads: ‘Dear Santa, please bring daddy home for Christmas.’ Condensing tribulation and triumph into 3 minutes, the advert reflects the need to be present with each other at Christmas and shows that, with a little help from Santa and Coca Cola, anything is possible.


It’s been a complex year, but the Co-op’s Christmas advert takes a simple message and an honest approach to deliver an an important message – We can all do our bit for our community. Two young brothers decide to busk outside their local Co-op after learning on the radio that it won’t be a typical Christmas. Strumming to Oasis’ Round Are Way until the light fades, the boys draw a crowd and raise some money. Their selfless efforts revitalise the spirit of Christmas, despite the circumstances. Rather than compete with the production values of other supermarket adverts, the Co-op keeps creates a meaningful ad that’s in line with its own brand values and that chimes with these extraordinary times. 

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