Behind the scenes with Mohamed Salah & NextShoot

Working with NEO Productions, a Cairo based advertising agency, we worked with Egyptian national-hero and PFA player of the year Mo Salah to film an anti-drugs advert on behalf of the Egyptian Government.

It was a freezing cold morning down by the Mersey but the crew of 80 or so were soon revived with a hearty breakfast courtesy of the wonderful people at Film Cuisine in Liverpool.

Our makeup artist and wardrobe folk were already busy with Mo Salah’s body double getting that famous haircut replicated but it wasn’t long before the real deal turned up and charmed us all with his energy and infectious smile. It really is of great credit to him that he gave so freely of his time, allowing us to get all the shots we needed.

Huge credit goes to the whole team up North for pulling it together, Faye for organising and managing things so brilliantly and the inimitable 1st AD Eddie Leader for keeping a smile on his face and everyone else in line.

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