NextShoot was invited to submit a tender for the on-going creation of sustainable, cost-effective video content for this national bricks-and-mortar and digital retailer. Following a lengthy and successful procurement process, NextShoot became an approved supplier and was commissioned to produce a series of 'How-To' technology videos.
Working closely with Argos stakeholders in product and digital departments, NextShoot scripted and storyboarded three videos which were shot on location with actors, props and technical experts over the course of a day. Although this involved over 40 set-ups, production values were kept very high. A presenter was shot in-studio and intercut with the location footage.
The finished series of 'How To' technology videos are engaging, clear and genuinely instructive content for Argos customers looking for information on the Connected Home and have set the standard for the brand's drive to become a full digital retailer.
'I am impressed with how nicely shot the pieces are: very well crafted shots and nice storytelling both with pictures and the script. Great storytelling meets commercial. My sort of video!'

Paul Tremain

Executive Producer Digital Video, 
Home Retail Group

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